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    KlinMak Scrubber Dryer iLav65

    Combining maneuverability and productivity into a solid machine.

    Brush Speed : 180 RPM
    Brush / Rubber : 2x13 inch / 26
    Clean / Dirty Tanks : 70 Lt / 80 Lt
    Productivity : 3,900 m2 / Hour

    This innovative scrubber dryer keeps the characteristics of mobility and maneuverability as a walk-behind, as well as productivity and efficiency as a ride-on.
    The combination of all advantages arouses into a unique machine, suitable for any kind of applications :


    (to review) The strategic positioning of the washing unit and the squeegee system allows the operator for an easy and complete control over the washing and drying actions, avoiding accidental injuries.


    The washing set positioned at the front, as in major cases of walk-behind, allows to reach any corners with an effective washing to minimize successive manual stages.


    Suitable for all environments thanks to the high down pressure value performed by the double brushes system allowing for the uniform distribution on the washed area. The adjustable down pressure, offers the great advantage of perfect results for in-depth or maintenance cleaning operations with any kind of debris, from the easier tread to the more difficult and hard of the mechanical industries.


    The main performances of a rideon scrubber dryer with investment and running costs as a walk-behind allowing to duplicate the productivity and halve the operation cost.


    The use of a single motor for the brushes, with a transmission geared system, allows to reduce the electrical absorption increasing the efficiency in term of performances and average life.


    The positioning of the drying system at the front of the wheels allows the running of maintenance cleaning always on dry surface. Whilst for in-depth cleaning the propelling system located on the two back wheels grants stability even if on wet floor. ILav65 is equipped with an automatic speed reduction system interfaced to the swerve angle (forward and reverse motion) in order to grant the max safety standard for all environments and for all surfaces.


    In order to maximize the reliability and solidity for the end-user, the ILav65 is equipped with advanced tech solutions as a calibrated employment of electronic (only for propeller) favoring, on certain functions, the electro-mechanical systems.


    All ordinary maintenance operations such as cleaning and replacement of the squeegee rubber, cleaning of the fresh water filter, replacement of the brushes, are easy and fast. Easy access recovery tank for quick and comfortable cleaning thanks to a wide opening in the upper part. The standard self-diagnostic and counthours systems are a great help in scheduling the preventive or exceptional maintenance.


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