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    Scrubber Dryer (Kemudi Atas)

    Our scrubber dryers are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining, and polishing hard floors. Guaranteed a brilliant performance, our range of scrubber dryers take care of all types of cleaning jobs in an especially economic and time-saving manner. (ke ID)

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    Scrubber Dryer (Kemudi Atas)

    KlinMak Scrubber Dryer iLav65

    Combining maneuverability and...

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    As online marketing arm under the flagship of PT. Rekan Kerja Utama, we focused on promoting cleaning products. Our business has grown significantly during these years, and gained trust of customers both existing and opening, such as hospitality, contractor, industrial, mining sector, agriculture, logistic, cleaning outsource, and franchise chain. We are proud to provide professional consultancy and full-range of cleaning machines and janitorial. Today, we are expanding into cost-saving solutions for FO, FB, and Kitchen divisions. (ke ID)

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